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Find out how you as an exhibitor can create tickets for yourself, your colleagues and business partners. We have compiled information and links on the following topics for you:

Exhibitor Ticket Portal (generate ticket codes)

You are the ticket manager of an exhibiting company and you would like to

  • create exhibitor passes or admission tickets for trade visitors from your free quota
  • create additional tickets for exhibitors, trade or private visitors, which only have to be paid for when used after the trade fair

*for ticket managers only

FAQ Exhibitor Ticket Portal

How do I know if I am a ticket manager?

On the registration form for your stand, an e-mail address has been entered under "04 Access to digital services - Exhibitor Ticket Portal". You must be registered with MyBookFair with this e-mail address to access the Exhibitor Ticket Portal.

If no e-mail address was entered on the form under "Exhibitor Ticket Portal", the contact person under "Company address" is a ticket manager and can access the Exhibitor Ticket Portal with their e-mail address.

How can another person become a ticket manager?

The ticket manager can name any number of substitutes in the Exhibitor Ticket Portal, who can then also access the Exhibitor Ticket Portal via their MyBookFair login. If the person named in the registration form is no longer able to do so, e.g. because he or she has left the company, we can appoint another person with an e-mail address as ticket manager. In this case, please send an e-mail to

How does the Exhibitor Ticket Portal work?

In the Exhibitor Ticket Portal you create ticket codes or links and send them to your colleagues or customers by e-mail. These ticket codes can be used to create personalised exhibitor passes or admission tickets for trade visitors after logging in to MyBookFair.

Only used tickets that exceed your free ticket quota will be invoiced after the trade fair.

We have also documented all the functions for you in our step-by-step tutorial for the Exhibitor Ticket Portal.

Which tickets are included in my free quota?

Depending on the size of the stand or the form of participation (co-exhibitor, workstation, Publishers Rights Centre ...), a certain number of exhibitor passes are included. For this year's 75th edition of Frankfurter Buchmesse, we will also be giving away up to 30 free trade visitor day tickets to exhibitors with their own stand.

The ordered ticket bundles will also be added to the free contingent in the exhibitor ticket portal.

Redeem ticket codes

Have you received one (or more) voucher/ticket code(s) and would like to convert it into a personalised admission ticket?

FAQ ticket codes

How can I log in?

To redeem ticket codes for exhibitor passes or tickets for trade visitors, you must be registered at MyBookFair. Log in with the appropriate e-mail address and password to convert the ticket code into a personalised ticket for yourself or others.

To redeem ticket codes for private visitors only, please register directly in the ticket shop.

How do I redeem a ticket code?

After logging in, enter one or more ticket/voucher codes in the shop. You will then be asked to enter the name and e-mail address of the ticket holder for each ticket. Once the process is complete, both the person placing the order and the respective ticket holder(s) will receive an e-mail with their tickets as a PDF and as a pkpass file.

In this tutorial you will find step-by-step instructions on how to redeem ticket codes.

What should I do if I have lost or not received the e-mail with the PDF tickets?

You can retrieve the created PDF tickets at any time. To do so, log into MyBookFair. There you can download the tickets you have converted under the menu item "Tickets".

Is the use of public transport (RMV) included in my ticket?

Yes. Exhibitor passes and trade visitor tickets are valid as a ticket for the outward and return journey to the exhibition grounds on local public transport (RMV tariff area). To use the RMV, the PDF ticket must be printed out.

Only tickets for private visitors do not include use of the RMV public transport system.

Ordering of additional quotas (Ticket Bundles)

NEW in 2023: Order Ticket Bundles with 10 one-day trade visitor tickets at a special rate of 35 euros per ticket. The Ticket Bundles will be added to your allocation in the Exhibitor Ticket Portal after you have placed your order and will be invoiced together with the stand fee.

Please send your order by 15 September 2023, stating your customer number and the number of Ticket Bundles you require (=10 tickets for 350 euros) by e-mail to:

FAQ Ticket Bundles

Which and how many tickets can I order at the special price?

The Ticket Bundles contain 10 trade visitor day tickets each. You can order as many Ticket Bundles as you like.

How and when are the Ticket Bundles paid for?

The cost of the Ticket Bundles will be added to your total order with Frankfurter Buchmesse GmbH and invoiced together with the stand rental.

How can I retrieve the tickets I ordered?

For each Ticket Bundle ordered, 10 one-day trade visitor tickets will be added to your allocation of free tickets in the Exhibitor Ticket Portal. The tickets can be allocated to your contacts by your company's ticket manager, see above.

Can I allocate more tickets than Ticket Bundles have been ordered?

Yes, only tickets used for admission will be deducted from your quota. If more tickets are used than are included in the allotment or have been ordered as a Ticket Bundle, you will be charged the full price (€ 84/ticket) after the fair.

Why can't I cancel unused Ticket Bundles?

The Ticket Bundles can only be offered at a greatly reduced price on the condition of a firm purchase. Therefore, cancellation of unused tickets from the allotment is excluded.

Tickets for LitAg Participants

There is a separate ticket portal for agencies registered with the Literary Agents & Scouts Centre (LitAg). Further information and the link to the LitAg Ticket Portal can be found here:

If you have any further questions, please ask.

Give us a call or drop us a line. We will be happy to help you.

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