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Hygiene & distancing – participate safely

We have all grown accustomed to social distancing and hygiene rules. Everybody attending Frankfurter Buchmesse is asked for their contribution to ensure everyone can enjoy a safe and successful fair.
Please ensure you and all staff observe the following:

Icon Mund-Nasen-Schutz
Icon Gesund und symptomfrei aufs Messegelände

1. Vaccinated, recovered or tested

You will need the following for admission to the Book Fair:
• proof of complete vaccination protection against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in accordance with the requirements of the Paul Ehrlich Institute in Germany or
• proof that you have been infected with COVID-19 for more than 28 days and less than 6 months or
• the certificate of a negative COVID-19 test result (Antigen rapid test), which must not be older than 24 hours on the day of presence on the exhibition grounds.
Please have the relevant proof and your ID card or passport ready at the entrance control.
Children under 6 years of age are exempt from compulsory testing
Information on Corona testing centres on site


Keep your distance

Help make the fair run safely and smoothly: keep a minimum distance of 1.5 metres between yourself and other people at all times.


Wear a face mask

In all indoor areas and in areas on the outdoor premises of the exhibition grounds where the minimum distance cannot be maintained, the wearing of a mouth-nose protection is required at all times.
The mask may only be removed if a fixed place has been taken for it at an appropriate distance from all other persons (or behind an appropriate protective device).


Protect others through responsible behaviour

Sneeze or cough into the crook of your arm and turn away from other people. Please also avoid shaking hands and all other forms of physical contact. Make sure to wash your hands regularly and thoroughly.


If you fall ill, then please stay at home

If you have any symptoms which could indicate a Covid-19 infection (e.g. a cough or a fever, loss of smell or taste) then you will not be granted access to the exhibition grounds.
The same applies if you have been put under quarantine by the health authorities.

Our measures on the fair ground:


Disinfectant dispensers on the premises

Disinfectant dispensers are located at all entrances to the exhibition grounds, as well as at the entrances to the individual exhibition levels, in the restrooms, at the catering outlets, and in the restaurants.


Disinfect surfaces

Cleaning intervals will be adjusted and the cleaning of highly frequented areas and touch surfaces will be intensified.


Ventilation and air exchange

We will ensure an above-average rate of air exchange along with ventilation that uses the highest possible proportion of fresh air – everywhere and at all times. Ventilation and aircon systems at the fair will be fitted with high-functioning filters.

Further safety measures