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The system stand. Our bestseller for bestsellers.

from € 1,398.‒

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Your benefits at a glance

  • Starting from 4 sqm
  • Everything from a single source, no external stand builder needed
  • Many options for individualisation
  • Flexible and expandable

Quick info

System stands are inexpensive and straightforward. The standard package includes walls, carpeting (grey rep weave), book shelves, bench cabinets, electrical connection (1 kW) in the ceiling frame, and a stand nameplate. The price includes an entry in the Exhibitor Catalogue, the mandatory environment and energy surcharge and a fixed number of exhibitor passes (incl. free ticket for public transport), exact number depends on the size of your stand.

We are dedicated to ensuring a diverse range of exhibitors. That’s why we let small companies and start-ups benefit from lower stand rental fees when they order a 4, 6 or 8 square metre stand. To further equip and furnish your stand, you can choose from a range of furniture packages and extras.
Get an idea of ​​the diversity that our system stands offer:

Upgrade your system stand. Simple and straightforward.

A system stand with equipment and extras.
Elements and extras

Customise your stand

Coloured carpet, cabinet or counter modules, shelves for your different products: All the extras you need to easily equip your stand according to your ideas. Please indicate your wishes in the registration form.

Two women reading a book at Frankfurter Buchmesse.
Furniture and light

Make yourself comfortable

Not too much and not too little: book tables and seating, as well as spotlights for your products. Depending on your needs, the packages are available in M, L, XL or XXL.

Compare our stand options

  System stand System Stand Deluxe System Stand Smart Custom-built stand
Size 4 sqm or more 12 sqm or more 4 or 8 sqm 8 sqm or more
Characteristics Economic and easy, perfect for small companies and first-time exhibitors A bespoke appearance that reflects your company and brand identity

The plug-and-play exhibition module for a comfortable and effective fair stand

For a big, fully customised presentation that makes you stand out
Available equipment/features

- 4 bookshelves per metre of wall

- a bench cabinet per metre of rear wall

- stand nameplate(s)

- flexible and expandable

- everything from a single source, no external stand builder

- high flexibility in stand construction

- wide range of colours for stand design

- large range of furniture available

- modern counter for meetings

- multi-functional wall module

- 40-inch LCD monitor

- LAN Internet connection (6 MBit/s)

- maximum flexibility in stand design

- free choice of position (row, peninsula, corner or island stand)

Price From € 1,398.- Based on offer From € 3,963.- From € 3,420.-
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