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We have put together the most important information for you so that everything runs smoothly from planning stage to the set-up, and the days of the actual fair:

If you are looking for a forwarding company, catering or night watch, you will find contacts and order options on our website Service Contractors.

You will find further practical information on arrival and the exhibition site or the trade fair visa in our Visit section. Check out the Fair Guide for useful information about your stay at the exhibition site.

Last update: May 2024. Subject to change.

Stand construction, equipment and design

Every Custom-built Stand design is subject to approval.  Please submit your stand construction plans to in a new window). The deadline for this is 1 August 2024.

Where applicable, an additional plan review and inspection of the built stand may be requested by Messe Frankfurt. Any resulting costs incurred will be passed on to the exhibitors or their stand constructor.

Please note the Technical Regulations for Frankfurter Buchmesse.

The standard permissible construction height is 2.5 m. Any stand building in excess of this height is subject to approval, and we ask you to apply for this when submitting your stand construction plans for approval. Responsibility and liability for the structural safety of a stand lies with the exhibitor. Stand constructions in excess of 4 m height are subject to a fee (see: Price(opens in a new window)s & Products 2024(opens in a new window)). Plans for stands with excess height must also be additionally checked and approved by Messe Frankfurt's structural engineers. Any additional costs incurred as a result will be charged to the exhibitors or their stand constructor.

Please note that the limits for possible stand heights (including floor, platforms, decorative and advertising elements) vary, depending on the hall:

Halls 6.1 and 6.2: max. 3.7 m
Halls 4.1 and 4.2: max. 4 m
Halls 1.2, 3.0, 3.1, 4.0, 5.0 (except hall wall East/West), 5.1 and 6.0: max. 5 m

Any planned ceiling suspensions are subject to prior approval. Please submit a request for approval to the organiser at together with your stand plans.

Ceiling suspensions must be ordered directly from the Messe Frankfurt Venue GmbH Service Shop and carried out by their service partner. 

Contacts and the link to the Service Shop can be found on our service contractors page(opens in a new window).

Orders placed less than 22 calendar days before the fair will be subject to an automatic flat-rate 25% express surcharge.

Out of courtesy to exhibitors across the aisle, stands must remain open towards the aisle at least 50% of their stand width.

On our service contractor page you will find contact details of service companies for electricity, technical items and media technology. Information on WiFi connections can be found under Telecommunications. Order processing and invoicing will be handled directly by the commissioned contractor.

For System Stands, we automatically provide a connection to the mains - one 1kW outlet per stand. Those are plugged into the power rail with the ceiling frame. All you need to do is order lighting fixtures; if you have ordered any of the packages "Furniture & Light" suitable for your stand size from us then your stand will already be set up with the corresponding number of LED spotlights.
A socket outlet with 1 kW power per stand is attached directly to the power rail in the ceiling frame. To be able to use it conveniently, it is best to bring an extension cord with you. The socket has an output of 1 kW and can be used to connect a smartphone or laptop; for example. If more power is needed, for e.g. a waterboiler, you will need to order this separately.
Additional kW and all other work such as laying of cables and additional power, must be ordered from and will be invoiced directly by the contract electrician(opens in a new window) (Messe Frankfurt Venue GmbH, Service & Technik).

If you have booked a Custom-built Stand you need to submit a stand plan showing the location of the stand's electrical switch box to Messe Frankfurt Venue GmbH, Service & Technik. The exhibitor's own electrical connections, insofar as they are not installed by Messe Frankfurt Venue GmbH, Service & Technik, must be approved by the latter for technical correctness prior to connection to the mains power supply.

For low-voltage systems please observe the Technical Regulations (cf. § 4.3).

Orders placed less than 22 calendar days before the trade fair will be subject to an automatic flat-rate 25 % express surcharge.

Service contractors

Stands with an area of up to 200 sqm must be equipped with at least one fire extinguisher. For each additional 200 sqm one more fire extinguisher must be added.

For stands up to an area of 30 sqm without a closed ceiling, an extinguishing spray can (extinguishing capacity: min. 8 A) can be provided as an alternative instead of the fire extinguisher.

Service contractors

We use different carpet colours for better orientation and to direct the flow of visitors in the halls:

  • TOMATO (Rips 9962) for vertical and perimeter aisles in the halls
  • ANTHRACITE (Rips 0045) for the main aisles with numbered stands

The aisle carpet with "Cradle to Cradle® Bronze" certification is almost 100 per cent recycled and then reused as plastic granulate.

For reasons of sustainability, the aisles in the halls will only be partially carpeted. Along the stands, a minimum 0.5 m wide strip of the hall floor is left bare. (Exception: In Hall 4.0, the aisle carpet will be laid over the entire surface for technical reasons.) The carpet-free strip is not part of the stand area, but belongs to the aisle and must therefore not be built on or obstructed by furniture. 

The boundaries of your stand area must be clearly visible. If necessary, please mark your stand boundaries with adhesive tape or similar.

Please make sure that any stand builders or service contractors contracted by you for floor or carpet laying work are being made aware of §3.5.8 (floor coverings) within our Technical Regulations(opens in a new window).

System Stands are fitted with a standard grey carpet (Rips 0905 Grey).

Service contractors

To improve orientation, all stands will be supplied with signs in a uniform design, labelled with the respective stand number.

For System Stands, the signs will be fitted directly to the stand system during assembly.

For Custom-built Stands, the signs will be supplied during set-up days. They will have self-adhesive holders and should be mounted by the exhibitor or their stand construction team at a height of approx. 2.36 m (top edge of sign), on a wall adjacent to the main hall aisle so that they are clearly visible.

Please note that the basic equipment of the System Stand CLASSIC does not include lighting.

The hall lighting is usually not sufficient to provide adequate illumination for stands. We therefore recommend to get suitable spotlights, which you can do either through us by ordering "Furniture & Light" packages or, from July onwards, from the relevant service contractor via the Messe Frankfurt Shop for Exhibitor Services.

Please avoid using your own light fixtures, but if you absolutely have to then note that installation on the conductor rail in the ceiling frame is only possible to a limited extent and must be carried out by the approved hall electrician. This must be clarified in advance and ordered for a fee.

System Stands will have a supply of 4 shelves per 1 metre of stand wall; the shelves will be placed into your stand and exhibitors can put them up according to their requirements during set-up.  
Metal containers with additional shelving will be placed in each hall during set-up; if you need more shelves please help yourself, and please also return any unused shelving. Maps at the hall entrances will show the locations of these containers. Please do not store any excess shelving within the bench cabinets.

All System Stand material will have been undergone a basic clean before set-up, however the dust and dirt created in the halls during set-up days may leave some traces. You will appreciate that we cannot do a seaparate clean of the book shelving, and having them protectively shrinkwrapped would produce unneccessary waste.

The keys to the cabin doors will be issued at the information counter in hall 4.C (foyer). The keys are issued against signature and must be returned at the end of the fair. If they are not returned, Messe Frankfurt will charge a fee of 40 euros retrospectively.

Our standard packages "Furniture & Light" and items in "Stand equipment & Extras" for System Stands can be booked through us; please use the regular registration form for exhibitors and co-exhibitors. You will find an overview of the offered products in Prices & Products 2024.  

If you would like to order furniture and/or lights for one of your choices of System Stands, please use the regular registration form for exhibitors and co-exhibitors; date, sign, and submit to

Additional individual pieces of stand equipment can be ordered through our service contractors(opens in a new window).

All System Stands will carry plain stand signs in a standard size (97 cm width x 20.5 cm height). The stand sign is customised according to your stand registration with the company name and country in standard black lettering on a white background. The stand sign is attached to the slotted rail on the wall with S-hooks and can therefore be easily put up, moved or taken down

Custom-made signage can be used but must be produced at the exhibitor’s own expense and may only be attached in such a way that the stand material is not being damaged.

Individually designed stand signs are available from the graphics and sign service.

During the fair also from:

Grafik & Design, phone: +49 160 95805706
Edel, phone: +49 69 7560770
Schreiber, phone: +49 69 75067580 (Monday to Friday)

All System Stands come with one lockable bench cabinet per 1 m back wall. Locks for those bench cabinets are available at the service counter in hall 4.C, at the cost of EUR 59 per lock. This service counter will be staffed until 2 pm on the Monday and Tuesday during set-up, and until 2 pm on the Wednesday of the actual fair. Bench cabinets must be emptied of all contents once the fair has been pronounced closed on Sunday, 20 October 2024. On Monday, 21 October 2024 all System Stands will be taken down, and any remaining items in the bench cabinets will be discarded.

Wall decorations for System Stands CLASSIC, SMART and GLOW
The stand material must be returned in perfect condition at the end of the fair, see paragraph 3.5.1 of the Technical Regulations.

Advertising materials and decorations may only be attached in such a way that the Frankfurter Buchmesse stand material is not being damaged (e.g. by permanent / aggressive adhesive tape). The use of nails, screws, or drilling is generally prohibited! All advertising items and ornaments must be removed from the stand material at the end of the fair without leaving a trace.

For reasons of structural stability, no advertising materials or other objects may be attached to the ceiling frames.

Wall decorations for the System Stand GALLERY 
The 3 m high walls of the System Stand GALLERY are finished with woodchip wallpaper and painted white.

In contrast to the other System Stand models, the GALLERY walls may be coated with a different coloured emulsion paint. Exhibitors can do this either themsevels or order alternative wall colours via the Shop for Exhibitor Services of Messe Frankfurt, see service contractors.

For the System Stand GALLERY, it is also exceptionally permitted to use nails (max. 40 mm, max. insertion depth 35 mm) or screws (Spax screws, max. 4 x 40 mm, max. insertion depth 35 mm). Drilling is not permitted!

You can attach exhibits with a total weight of up to 10 kg to a 1 m wide wall element. This load only applies to exhibits directly on the wall; the lever principle must be observed for shelves or similar fixtures.

Set-up and dismantling

Monday, 14 October 2024
7.00 am – 10.00 pm

Tuesday, 15 October 2024
7.00 am – 10.00 pm

All persons entrusted with stand construction must carry set-up and dismantling or exhibitor passes.

Set-up must be completed by 10.00 pm on Tuesday, 15 October 2024 , and all persons are requested to vacate the premises by then.

Please make sure to keep the hall aisles free during set-up, as materials blocking the aisle is a hindrance and may delay the work by our service contractors. This applies in particular on the last set-up day (Tuesday), when the aisle carpets will be fitted. Any unrequired Frankfurter Buchmesse System Stand material can be left at the hall edges for collection. 

Access to all fire extinguishers and hydrants must be kept clear at all times. 

During the set-up and dismantling days, the trade fair grounds can only be entered with a valid set-up and dismantling pass or an Exhibitor Pass.

Set-up and dismantling passes for your stand personnel or service providers can be issued by your ticket manager and, if applicable, a deputy designated by the ticket manager themselves via the Exhibitor Ticket Portal.

Please note that these passes are only intended for stand personnel involved in set-up and dismantling and are not transferable.

In order to reduce the risk of theft in the halls, we ask you not to pass on Exhibitor Passes or set-up and dismantling passes to third parties. 

With its traffic and control system, Messe Frankfurt offers its customers optimised access during the set-up and dismantling phases of the Frankfurter Buchmesse. You can register your vehicle online in advance, download your registration confirmation and print it out. With this registration confirmation, you can drive to the signposted check-in during the set-up phase. There you will receive your entry permit for the exhibition site. 

Stand construction or delivery of stand construction materials before Monday, 14 October 2024 is only possible for exhibitors with Custom-built Stands of 40 sqm or more with special written permission from Frankfurter Buchmesse. 

For early access (including delivery of stand materials), the following fees will be charged per stand :

  • Admission from Sunday, 13 October: € 180
  • Admission from Friday, 11 or Saturday, 12 October: € 765

Please send your application for early access by 1 August 2024 - together with your stand construction plans for the stand approval - to in a new window).

Frankfurter Buchmesse officially ends at 5.30 pm on Sunday 20 October 2024 – all stands must be staffed until then. After 5.30 removal of the hall aisle carpets will commence. Meanwhile, packing may only be started inside the stands.

The dismantling of the stands and the delivery of packaging material beforehand is not permitted.

Folding cartons and other packaging material for return transport will be available from 4.00 p.m. on the last day of the fair at the stand of DSV Solutions GmbH (forwarding agent, 3.0 H73). 

You can obtain the documents for return transport of your fair materials by DSV at any time during the fair at the DSV service stand (3.0 H73). They are also available for download in advance on our service constractors page.

All System Stands must be emptied by Sunday evening, 20 October 2024, at the latest. On Monday, the cleaning staff will empty the bench cabinets, dispose of contents and dismantle the stands. The Frankfurter Buchmesse accepts no liability for materials not removed in good time.

Exhibitors with Custom-built Stands may use the following time period throughout to dismantle their stands:
Sunday, 20 October 2024, approx. 6.30 pm
until Monday, 21 October 2024, midnight

Clearance and cleanup of the exhibition area must be completed by midnight on Monday. If a Custom-built Stand is not dismantled until Monday, the exhibitor is responsible for securing and guarding his stand and exhibits. The Frankfurter Buchmesse accepts no liability for materials not removed in good time.

Please do not lock up the phones after the event closes, but have them ready for collection.

The access roads to the exhibition grounds will be closed from 2.00 pm on the last day of the fair, Sunday, 20 October 2024.

Dismantling vehicles will gather at the Rebstock truck park - from here, they will enter the exhibition grounds in a convoy from around 7:00 p.m. onwards.
Only when the last vehicle of the convoy has reached the trade fair centre will the access roads to the trade fair center be opened from other roads.
Exhibitors with parking permits for the exhibition grounds (P4) may only drive into their parking lot until 2:00 pm. 

Not only is it uncooperative, but also a violation of our Terms & Conditions to vacate or leave the stand before the official end of the fair (Sunday, 20 October 2024, 5.30 pm). 

If your early departure is absolutely necessary, you can hire a hostess to look after your stand. See the Service Contractors(opens in a new window)  page for details.

Service contractors

Extended access (incl. removal of material) until Tuesday, 22 October 2024, can only be granted to Custom-built Stands of 40 sqm or larger, and is subject to logistics and availability in the relevant hall. Application for a permit by e-mail (stating company name and stand number) to in a new window); deadline is 1 August 2024.

Extended access is subject to a fee of 765 euros, unless early access has already been applied for and invoiced. In each case, extended access must be applied for and approved separately.

Please be responsible when it comes to waste: reducing waste where possible and separating it into recyclables and residual waste will help protect the environment.

During the fair: Waste disposal during the exhibition is included in the daily cleaning. Please place your waste - separated into paper (incl. cardboard), foils, glass and residuals – at the edge of your stand each evening after the day’s closure has been announced.

During set-up: During set-up and dismantling, you or your stand constructor are responsible for the disposal of any waste produced at your stand. 
Smaller amounts of waste will be collected by the cleaners at no extra cost. Please place paper (including cardboard), foils, glass waste and residual waste separately in the aisle. 

If you need to dispose of larger waste quantities on-site, please order waste containers from Messe Frankfurt, at a charge. Waste consultants will be available to assist you during assembly and dismantling. They will regularly walk the halls and can be contacted at any time.

During dismantling: Please place your paper waste (incl. cardboard) and wood waste separately from other waste on your stand after the end of the fair. Early Monday morning (21 October 2024) paper waste will be collected first.

To the service providers - waste disposal

Forwarding agent & customs clearance

Customs clearance of your fair goods is a complex process. We therefore strongly recommend that you use a forwarding agent with fair experience in Frankfurt. Do this as early as possible so that all necessary steps and documents (customs application, etc.) can be prepared in good time. Please note the information on customs clearance and the EORI number in the factsheet below.

It is important to address the goods to be transported directly to Messe Frankfurt (Messe Frankfurt GmbH, Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1, 60327 Frankfurt am Main and hall/stand number) so that customs clearance is the responsibility of the Messezollamt. 

The official forwarding agent of Frankfurter Buchmesse is DSV Solutions GmbH:


Mr. Jan Spitzl
Phone: +49 (0)6102 3589-070
E-mail: in a new window)

DSV will send you the necessary documents on request. The foreign correspondents of DSV Solutions GmbH are preparing collective transports to Frankfurt in several countries. In the interest of smooth processing, please follow the shipping instructions of the forwarding agents exactly.

Of course, you can also use other forwarding companies known to you for your transport. Shipments that cannot be delivered to the stand by third-party forwarding companies can be handed over to DSV Solutions Germany GmbH. Fees will be charged for redelivery to the stand by DSV, which must be paid by the exhibitor.

Urgent overseas shipments are best posted by air freight.

Further contacts on the exhibition grounds:

Messe Frankfurt Logistics Service
Cargo Center
Service hotline: +49 (0)69 7575 6075

Trade Fair Customs Office
Cargo Center
Phone: +49 (0)69 7575 6514
Monday to Thursday, 7.00 am to 4.00 pm, Friday, 7.00 am to 2.30 pm.

Link to service contractors


The book fair is open daily from 9 am to 6.30 pm. On Sunday, 20 October 2024, the fair closes at 5.30 pm. Admission on Wednesday and Thursday as well as on Friday until 2 pm will be exclusively for exhibitors and registered trade visitors. 

An Exhibitor Pass allows access to the exhibition site from 8 am every day. In the evenings we kindly ask you to vacate the premises by 7.30 pm at the very latest; for security reasons only police and security may be present from 8 pm onwards.

The ticket portals will be available by July 2024.

On the ticket portal, ticket managers create, manage and send quickly and easily:

  • Exhibitor Passes
  • Set-up/dismantling passes
  • Ticketcodes for trade and private visitors
  • LitAg tickets for literary agents and scouts

With the practical invitation function, you can send your customers a link or a ticket code by e-mail, which they can redeem for a valid ticket.

From 2024, you can create personalised Exhibitor Passes directly in the Ticket Portal and send them to your colleagues as a PDF.

Tickets for exhibitors

Exhibitor Passes entitle you to enter the Frankfurter Buchmesse from 14 to 20 October 2024, from 8.00 am each day. 

The allocation of free Exhibitor Passes depends on the stand size:

  • 4 sqm stand: 2 passes
  • 8 sqm stand: 3 passes
  • 12 sqm stand: 4 passes
  • 16 sqm stand: 5 passes
  • 20 sqm stand: 6 passes

Stands larger than 20 sqm will be allocated two more passes for every additional 10 sqm. (For example: 24 sqm: 6+2 = 8 passes)

For National Collective Stands, the same applies with the following exception:

Stands larger than 20 sqm will be allocated just one more pass per each additional 10 sqm. (For example: 24 sqm stand: 6 + 1 = 7 passes)

Each registered co-exhibitor will receive one exhibitor pass (this does not apply to National Collective Stands). Ticket Managers should make this pass accessible to the relevant co-exhibiting company. 

Exhibitor Passes and trade visitor tickets with the RMV logo are valid as tickets for travel to and from the exhibition site on local public transport (RMV tariff area). To use the RMV, the PDF ticket must be printed out.

Admission tickets for trade and private visitors can also be issued via the Exhibitor and LitAg Ticket Portals that will be available from July 2024.

In addition to Exhibitor Passes, a certain number of tickets for trade visitors are included in the price of some System Stand models. From July, you can view your ticket allocation in the Exhibitor Ticket Portal (ATP) and allocate it directly to your contacts and business partners.

By ordering Ticket Bundles at a special price, you can increase your contingent. If more tickets are used than are included in the contingent or ordered as a ticket bundle, you will be charged for them at the regular price after the fair.

To convert the ticket link or code from the Ticket Portals into a valid admission ticket, invitees must register.

Tickets for exhibitors

Logistics and traffic

Please do not, under any circumstances, have any of your exhibition consignments sent to the Frankfurter Buchmesse office address.

On set-up days consignments may be delivered directly to your stand, during opening hours, either by a forwarding agent, courier, or general postal service. Please arrange for a specific delivery slot and ensure your stand is staffed during that time. 

Please label all shipments to your stand as follows:

Exhibitor name, hall and stand number
Frankfurter Buchmesse
Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1
60327 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

For deliveries during the actual fair, interim access can be gained only Wednesday to Saturday,  8.00 am - 6.00 pm. 

Against a deposit of 100 euros, you will receive an interim entry permit at the gate, valid for two hours. If you return the permit before the end of the period, your deposit will be returned to you at the same gate.

Interim entry is not possible on the last day of the fair (20 October 2024).

Parking deck P4 (on hall 4) can only be used by exhibitors (with long-term parking permit).

It is advisable to book parking spaces on the exhibition site well in advance. Please use the Messe Frankfurt Service Shop for this purpose. You will find information and links on our service provider page.

Opening hours P4:
From Wednesday, 16/10/2024 to Saturday, 19/10/2024: 8.00 am to 9.00 pm 
From Sunday, 20/10/2024 to Monday, 21/10/2024: non-stop

Please note that on the last day of the fair (Sunday, 20 October 2024) between 2.00 pm and approx. 7.00 pm the exhibition grounds will be closed to all vehicles (including users of car park P4) and it will not be possible to enter the grounds.

Parking without prior reservation is possible at the Rebstock multi-storey car park. Free shuttle buses run from there to the exhibition grounds during opening hours of the Fair.

Truck parking area Rebstockgelände
For trucks up to 10 metres in length: 29,50 euros/day
For trucks over 10 metres long: 32 euros/day

More information

Please be sure to observe the regulations for vehicle access during set-up and dismantling.

Please pay attention to the traffic regulations, which explain the access to the exhibition site. Pass the following documents on to all your employees and service contractors (stand constructors etc.) who need access to the exhibition site. 

In addition to the vehicle entry permit, each person in the car needs a valid, personalised entry ticket.

Organisation at the exhibition stand

We will be there for you on site during set-up and during the fair:

Hall 4.C, Room 184
Thursday, 10 October to Sunday, 13 October: 9.00 am-5.00 pm
Monday, 14 October to Wednesday, 16 October: 8.00 am-7.00 pm
Thursday, 17 October to Saturday, 19 October: 8.00 am-6.00 pm
Sunday, 20 October: 8.00 am-5.30 pm
Exhibitor hotline: +49 (0) 69 7575-41000 (from 10 October) 

Book sales to the public are permitted Friday, 2 pm until Sunday, as well as during events.

According to the German Net Book Agreement, sales to the public may only be carried out at a fixed retail price. Violations may result in a contractual penalty, see item 15 of the Conditions of Participation in the Frankfurter Buchmesse 2024.

Please be sure to hand over a sales receipt when selling, as this serves as proof of purchase to the security staff.

If you wish to give books as gifts, please mark them accordingly (company stamp or inserted business card).

Please also use your own stand area as far as possible for queues at book sales. Please ensure that there is no congestion in the hall aisle and that neighbouring stands are not affected.

Storage of combustible material on the stand beyond the exhibits is only permitted to a very limited extent for fire protection reasons.

The storage of empties of any kind (eg packaging and packing materials) at the stands and outside the stand elsewhere in the halls is prohibited.

For books, brochures and other inflammable advertising material, the permitted storage quantity covers the daily requirements of a stand: A quantity corresponding to the volume of a normally loaded euro pallet may not be exceeded, regardless of the size of the stand. The term "normally loaded" refers to the floor area of a pallet (1.20 m × 0.80 m) and a maximum height load of 2.00 m.

All other stocks and packaging material must be stored outside the stand and the hall. They can, for example, be stored by a forwarding agent on the exhibition grounds and delivered to the stand if required. The delivery of pallets during trade fair operations will only be carried out outside the time of the event: daily before the start of the trade fair between 6.00 and 9.00 am and in the evening between 6.30 and 9.00 pm.

Exhibitors are free to choose the service provider. Storage facilities directly on the exhibition grounds are provided by DSV Solutions GmbH (freight forwarding partner of Frankfurter Buchmesse) and the Cargo Center of Messe Frankfurt. DSV Solutions GmbH can provide each exhibitor with an individual offer on request. In addition to the usual temporary storage and delivery to the stand, the company also offers picking of individual items on call and daily delivery for events. Exhibitors should contact DSV Solutions GmbH directly at least four weeks before the start of the fair.

Posters, flyers, stickers and other advertising material may be displayed on the exhibitor's own stand.
Distribution outside the exhibitor's own stand area is not permitted, not even in hall aisles, in entrance areas, in the immediate vicinity of the exhibition grounds or in the parking areas used for the event.
A limited number of advertising activities by exhibiting companies will be permitted by the organiser on application and for a fee. 

For the sake of the environment we are doing our best to reduce energy consumption – please support us in this!
For safety and fire protection reasons, exhibitors are obliged to switch off all electrical devices on their stands before leaving.
Exempt are: emergency lighting and safety installations, refrigerators, computers and servers which are necessary for the stand technology and where a restart would involve a great deal of effort.
Exhibitors will be liable for any damage caused by failure to comply with this regulation.

Messe Frankfurt Venue GmbH reserves the right to switch off the entire stand power supply if this obligation is not complied with and accepts no liability for damage caused by this switch-off.

We want you to have a pleasant stay at the fair; this includes good lighting and comfortable air conditions.

From autumn, a form will be available for download here, which you can use to send us specific feedback during the trade fair.

Unfortunately, at a major event like the Frankfurter Buchmesse, thefts do happen. 

In order to have a safe and as far as possible theft-free Fair in 2023, we ask you to take note of the following:

  • The halls cannot be guarded all over the exhibition site and the doors cannot be locked at night. Escape doors must be freely accessible and unlocked to the outside day and night.
  • Make sure that your stand is never left unattended. If necessary, ask your neighbours to watch your stand if you ever leave it.
  • Please report any theft promptly.
  • We recommend that particularly valuable exhibits or technical equipment should also be guarded overnight (see: Stand security on our service contractor page).
  • Small electronic devices (telephones, routers ...) that cannot be locked or are not securely attached to the stand should be locked up in the evening. Suitable socket locks for the bench cabinets belonging to the System Stand can be purchased from Monday, 14 October 2024, until 2 pm on Wednesday, 16 October 2024, at the Service Counter for Rental Furniture in Hall Level 4.C.
  • Thieves have it particularly easy in the hectic pace of set-up and dismantling. Therefore, please ensure that your exhibition goods and rented stand equipment are guarded from the time of delivery until collection. Leave an employee at your stand until you pick it up - if your goods are not guarded before you personally hand them over to the forwarding agent, you risk losing your insurance cover.
  • We recommend that you insure your exhibition goods.

Stand security must be hired through Messe Frankfurt Venue GmbH - other companies are not permitted on the exhibition grounds between 7 p.m. and 8 a.m. for security reasons.

You will find the contact and the link to the online order in the Messe Frankfurt Service Shop on our service provider page

Orders placed less than 22 calendar days before the fair will incur an express surcharge of a flat rate of 25 percent.

To the service contractors

You can find a company that offers transport and theft insurance of exhibition goods on our service contractor page. Please consider insuring rented stand equipment (furniture, electronic devices, telephones, etc.) against theft as well, if the rental company does not cover this itself. This does not apply to the stand material of Frankfurter Buchmesse.

Please note: Insurance cover is generally only provided after the insurer has received the premium. We recommend having particularly valuable exhibits or technical equipment guarded (see: Stand security).

You can reach the security services on the exhibition site via the following telephone numbers:

Police: 110

Exhibition Guard,
Hall 4.1 South/West
Phone: +49 (0)69 7575-6555

Fire department: 112

Hall 4.0 South/West
Phone: +49 (0)69 7575-6550

First aid: 112

Hall 4.0 South/West
Phone: +49 (0)69 7575-6500

Phone: +49 (0)69 7575-3333

The three-digit emergency numbers can also be used by foreign mobile devices without having to dial a prefix.

During the night from Tuesday before the fair to Wednesday, the halls including the stands are completely cleaned, the carpet foil is removed, the carpet is vacuumed and all free horizontal surfaces are wiped clean, and the waste bins are emptied.

In addition, the environmental and energy fee includes a daily basic cleaning of the stands after the end of the fair (vacuuming of the carpet, wiping of all free horizontal surfaces and emptying of the waste bins).

For the sake of our environment, waste is collected separately. Therefore, please place your waste separately in paper (incl. cardboard), foils, glass waste and residual waste at the stand boundary in the evening after the end of the fair.

Please also observe the instructions for waste disposal during assembly and dismantling.

Any additional cleaning is at the expense of the exhibitor placing the order and will be invoiced by Messe Frankfurt Venue GmbH.

Messe Frankfurt Venue GmbH
Phone: +49 (0)69 7575-6911

Order cleaning services

The house rules must be observed during the Frankfurter Buchmesse.

You will find companies that provide stand personnel and providers of stand catering on our service contractor page - as well as various service contractors for technical equipment, furniture and decoration of your exhibition stand.

Service contractors

All trade show participants receive free Wifi access in the 2.4- and 5-GHz range. You can use this to check your e-mails or surf the internet. 

This internet access is not suitable for applications with high data transmission. Video conferencing, VoIP telephone calls, VPN-connections, VoIP-telephone calls and online presentations are not possible via this.

If you require WLAN at your stand, please order this from the respective service contractor.

If you would like to set up your own WLAN access point, you must register it with Messe Frankfurt Venue GmbH (Service & Technology) using the form below.

Service contractors


Make your event as accessible as possible. The checklist(opens in a new window) from the Federal Accessibility Centre may be helpful.

If you would like to offer translation for deaf people, you can find contacts on the website of the Professional Association of Sign Language Interpreters in Hesse(opens in a new window).

Depending on availability, Messe Frankfurt Venue GmbH provides meeting and conference rooms for exhibitors to rent. 

Messe Frankfurt Venue GmbH
Team Room Rental
Phone: +49 (0)69 7575 3565

Signing sessions, product presentations or other events at the stand are a good opportunity to draw attention to your stand and your products and to network in a relaxed atmosphere. There are a few things you need to keep in mind to make your event a success and to ensure that everything runs smoothly and safely.

We have summarised the rules for you in a fact sheet, which is available for download below. Please note in particular the explanations on the following points:

  • All events at the stand must be registered with us by 31 August 2024 (book signings) or 30 September 2024 (other events) at the latest.
  • Queues for book signings, book sales or similar events with a large audience may not extend beyond your own stand.

You should refrain from organising events that go beyond the scope of your stand space or switch to alternative locations.

Please also ensure that the upper limit of 70 dbA (decibels) is not exceeded for events at the stand with microphones and loudspeakers.

Fact Sheet Stand Events

Present your authors on one of our eye-catching stages and in the Meet the Author signing area.

Terms of Payment

Under certain conditions, Frankfurter Buchmesse may issue invoices without value added tax to exhibitors from abroad:

Under German VAT law, service recipients outside Germany may receive invoices for trade fair services without VAT if they submit proof of their entrepreneurial status for verification in good time.

Exhibitors based in an EU member state can indicate their VAT ID number (value added tax identification number) on the registration form. If you have neglected to do so, please fill out the form "Self-disclosure VAT" afterwards. After a corresponding check, we will then issue you invoices without value added tax.

Exhibitors from non-European countries need proof of their entrepreneurial status from the relevant authority. Please send this together with the form "Self-disclosure VAT" promptly to in a new window).

If documents were already available to us for examination in the previous year, we will issue your invoice accordingly. If there has been no change in your company name or address, no new sending is necessary.

Please direct your bank transfer to one of the following banks:

Commerzbank AG Frankfurt am Main
Account no.: 901 891 00 Bank code
(BLZ): 500 800 00
IBAN: DE 96 5008 0000 00 901 891 00
SWIFT code/BIC: COBA DE FF XXX         

Postbank Frankfurt am Main
Account number: 1021-601
Bank code (BLZ): 500 100 60
IBAN: DE 21 5001 0060 0001 0216 01

Frankfurter Sparkasse
Account number: 200452819
Bank code: 500 502 01
IBAN: DE 73 5005 0201 0200 4528 19

Frankfurter Buchmesse GmbH

Payments shall be made exclusively in Euro. Any bank charges incurred shall be borne by the customer.

Exhibitors have the option of having their invoices collected by direct debit. Please fill out the form and send it back to us.

We do not need this form if you have already arranged direct debit with us.

Pay conveniently online. In our customer portal MyBookFair(opens in a new window) you have the option of paying your outstanding invoices online by credit card. After registering, you can make a credit card payment for the amount due by quoting the debtor and invoice number noted on the invoice. 

MyBookFair Login

We kindly ask you to settle all invoices of the Frankfurter Buchmesse GmbH before the fair via the above mentioned possibilities.

If payment on site is absolutely necessary, please come to the
cash desk of the Frankfurter Buchmesse GmbH
in hall 4.C, room 145

Tuesday and Wednesday: 10.00 a.m.-12.00p.m. and 1.00 p.m.-6.30 p.m.
Thursday and Friday: 9.00 a.m.-12.00 p.m. and 1.00 p.m.-4.00 p.m.
Saturday closed
Sunday: 2.00 - 4.00 p.m.

Open invoices of Messe Frankfurt
Settlement of outstanding invoices during the event is only possible online by credit card.


If you have any further questions, please ask.

Give us a call or drop us a line. We will be happy to help you.

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